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Minor in General Psychology

The undergraduate minor in psychology is designed to give students the flexibility to explore the breadth of areas covered by psychology or to focus in a more specific area within the field.

Students are encouraged to construct a minor that either explores the breadth of areas in psychology (e.g. developmental, abnormal, social, sensation and perception, and health psychology) or to focus more in depth in a given area (e.g., developmental, adolescent, adulthood and aging, and two additional courses).


18 hours in Psychology

  • PSY 1300 (Intro to Psychology)
  • 12 hours of advanced psychology courses
  • 3 hours of any level psychology courses

Course Listings

In addition to the general minor in psychology, the department also offers a minor in forensic psychology in conjunction with the Department of Criminal Justice and a minor in sports psychology in conjunction with the Department of Health and Human Performance.