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Requirements and Application

Completion of the Learning Community for Cognitive Disabilities requires the following:

  1. Upper division standing (Junior or Senior)
  2. Maintain a major GPA of 3.0 or above or obtain special approval
  3. Pass background checks and a drug screening test to work at an internship site
  4. Complete PSY 4396 Learning Community Internship with a grade of A
  5. Attend at least 2 of 4 meetings of the Learning Community per semester
  6. Participate in one networking event per semester

Optional White Paper

Students may apply for a $150 stipend from the Seaton Foundation to complete a 5-page white paper that critically analyzes The white paper is expected to be a critical analysis of some aspect of cognitive disabilities long-term care, such as quality of life, staff turnover, staff development, and ways to improve long-term care programs. Papers should be formulated in consultation with a faculty advisor. Papers may then be presented in a symposium or poster session at a state or regional conference, with travel assistance provided through the Seaton Foundation and the Psychology Department.

The format should include:

  • Title Page
  • Abstract
  • Main Body (with subsections, as appropriate)
  • References
  • 5 pages minimum

Note: Additional recommended courses include:

  • Introduction to Developmental Disabilities (PSY 4390Q)
  • Service Learning: Protecting the Vulnerable (PSY 3338)
  • Behavior Modification and Cognitive Therapies (PSY 3350 )
  • Reality Therapy/Choice Theory (PSY 4350)
  • Lifespan Psychology (PSY 3300)
  • Psychology of Adulthood and Aging (PSY 3313)
  • Introduction to Clinical Psychology (PSY 4352)
  • Individual Study (PSY 4395)

Click here for course descriptions.

Application Process for the Learning Community for Cognitive Disabilities

Space in the learning community is limited. To apply, please complete the application below. If you meet the minimum qualifications, she will set up an interview with you. Additionally, you must meet internship requirements as determined through interviews with Dr. Ollie Seay, Internship Course Instructor, and Rachel Medina, LiveOak Internship Coordinator. Note that application deadlines for internship are November 1 for Spring placement and April 1 for Fall placement.