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Applied Internship in Psychology working with Youth at Risk, Families at Risk, Cognitive Disabilities and Veterans Support Services

This is a Service-Learning course is designed to give students the opportunity to work as paraprofessionals while under on-site supervision at their internship site, and faculty supervision with me, through the Applied Internship in Psychology course. At your placement, you will learn what kinds of skills are necessary for this kind of work, and if this is the area of graduate work or employment experience you wish to pursue.

Portrait of Robyn Rogers

You will have on-site supervision at your placement and faculty supervision by your course instructor, Robyn R. Rogers, LPC, Senior Lecturer.

Prerequisites for the Applied Internship are:

  • a 3.0 GPA overall, and in Psychology
  • Completion of Adolescent Psychology (or commensurate experience for sites working with youth at risk).
  • Cognitive-Behavioral Therapies (or commensurate experience for sites working with Cognitive Disabilities)

For example:

'Cognitive-Behavioral Therapies' or commensurate experience, is required for all placements for working at Rehabwithoutwalls. These placements for people with Brain Injury use a Cognitive-Behavioral approach with their residents.

'Adolescent Psychology' is strongly recommended for placements at Upward Bound, Talent Search, and Strengthening Family Relationships. At these placements, you will be working primarily with youth at risk.


  • Applicants must be responsible, that is, applicants must be able to treat their placement like a staff position, be timely, accountable, and take the work seriously.
  • Applicants must be able to attend all scheduled class meetings. More than one missed meeting may result in the applicant’s grade being lowered by one letter grade. We usually meet once a week as a class on Mondays from 2:00-3:20.
  • Applicants must be able to pass a background check.
  • Applicants must bring a Degree Audit to the interview.
  • Applicants must bring a Resume and Sample Letter of Intent

Prior to the interview, please make sure that there is room in your schedule for the Internship. This means you are taking no more than 16 hours of other coursework, and not working more than 20 hours of work the semester of your internship. The Internship should be your priority for the semester! Make an appointment for the interview! The dress is business casual. Contact Robyn R. Rogers:

Course Information

Interview Process

Interviews will begin in February for Fall Internships and in September for Spring Internships. Interviews will continue until all eight placements are full for each semester. After reviewing all the sites below, choose your first and second choice. The dress is business casual for your interview. 

Email Robyn R. Rogers for an appointment for your interview at

Click here to see Internship Sites Available and Descriptions