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Alumni & Giving

2015 Spr Grads

Congratulations 2015 MA in Psychological Research Graduates

2015 Thesis Titles

Javier Arteta Garcia -The Mediating Role of Social Dominance Orientation between Dark Tetrad Personalities and Hazing Behaviors in College Students

Joseph Bassili - How Physical Activity and Time of Day Influence Judgements of Learning and Free Recall

Michael Bell - The Effects of Sensational Language in News on Memory and Attitudes

Ricardo Castanedo - Psychosocial Variables Predicting Functional Restoration Treatment Outcomes for Patients with Chronic Occupational Musculoskeletal Disorder

Jaime Chambers - Factors that Contribute to Attrition of Teachers within Texas' Public Schools

Briana Cobos - The Relationship Between Psychological Disorder and Medication Adherence in College Students

Natalie DeLeon - Assessing Nonmedical Use of Prescription Stimulants Using an iPhone Application

Haley Harris - Pain Anticipation and Memory:  An Event-related Potentials Study

Velia Hernandez - Linking Academic Entitlement with Work Values, Work Ethics and Post-graduate Job Entitlement

Adrienne Koller - Surviving the "Yellow Door" An Analysis of Post-Treatment Psycho-social Resilience

Matthew Light - Individual Differences in Emotional and Motivational Salience for Complex Scenes

Rachel Price - Gastrointestinal Disorder and Stress in Texas Teachers

Christopher Prickett - The Relationship Between Motor Performance and Emotion Perception Abilities in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Eric Salas - Recovery and Response to Injury:  Athletic Coping

Shannon Wilder - Unprotected Intercourse:  The Value of Motherhood, Ambivalence, Masculinity and Femininity



Congrats on PhD Program Acceptance


Natalie DeLeon - Clinical Psychology - University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

Christropher Prickett - School Psychology - Texas A & M

Haley Harris - Health & Neuroscience - University of Texas at Arlington

Eric Salas - Health Psychology - University of Texas at Arlington


Alumni Giving


A contribution to the MA in Psychological Departmental Scholarship may be made through the Family Campaign

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You may also contact Dolores Pergioudakis, Program Specialist, at or 512-245-3148.