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Graduate Instructional Assistant

What is a GIA?

  • A GIA is a Graduate Instructional Assistant
  • A GIA is employed by an academic department, but not reported as Teacher of Record

GIA Regulations:

  • Must be enrolled in at least (9) nine semester credit hours in a graduate degree program
  • Must be a degree-seeking candidate
  • Must maintain a 3.0 Texas State GPA

Fall 2018 GIAs

Erin Cowart, Madeline Giblin, Jennifer Hopper, Shelby Lipschuetz, Nicole Stokes, Aleyda Arreola, Christopher Baroody, Dalton Edwards, Whitney Finch, Ashley Frost, Ethan Gibeaut, Merab Gomez, Eduardo Hernandez, Brain Hill, Dalton Klare, Alyssa Kopecki, Anna Madden, Mark Stern, Courtney Wilson