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MAPR Thesis Support

Graduate Thesis Supplement

Graduate student thesis research will be supported through the awarding of grant funding. Limited funding is available for such awards, and all completed and eligible applications will be considered on a competitive basis. A maximum of $1000 in funding may be awarded. Given the limited funding pool, applications may be partially funded.  Eligibility criteria are outlined below.

Funds will be used to purchase supplies* (e.g., software, bioassay supplies, testing forms), equipment* and/or for participant payment.  Funds may not be used for travel, graduate or undergraduate salary, or conference-related activities.  Students must have documented proof of an accepted (by the Graduate College) Thesis Proposal in order to qualify.  In addition, applicants must complete the online application form (gold button on the top right of this page). Thesis mentors may be consulted to confirm they approve of the funding request. Funds will be disbursed to the faculty mentor, who will be responsible for documenting disbursement to participants or purchase of supplies and/or equipment.

Only fully completed applications will be considered for funding. Two application windows will be open each fiscal year (September 15 - December 15 and April 15 - July 15).  Applications will be reviewed as they are received beginning on the first day of each window period and will be considered for funding until available funds run out.

Eligibility Criteria

Supplements are available to currently enrolled graduate students in the MAPR program, with preference given to first and second year students.

Applicants must not be on academic probation (i.e., GPA of 3.0 or greater).

The supplemental grant funding must support only the thesis work outlined in the accepted Thesis Proposal; other projects will not be funded.

Application Procedures and Deadlines

Applications may be submitted during the two yearly application windows (September 15 - December 15 and April 15 - July 15). Proof of Thesis Proposal acceptance must be confirmed with the Program Specialist prior to the deadline.  Only fully completed applications will be considered.

Adjudication Process

Completed proposals will be evaluated by the Graduate Committee, which will consider applications as they are received during the two submission windows. It is recommended to apply early in the application window.  In particular, need for funding to complete the thesis and the detailed budget will be considered in the evaluation process.

*all equipment and any unused supplies will remain the property of the Department of Psychology after graduation.