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Dr. Katherine Rice Warnell


Assistant Professor

UAC 253G

Office Hours: Online T 11 am-12 pm & 2-3 pm; R 12-1 pm; by appt


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Areas of Interest

Cognitive Psychology

Developmental Psychology


Research Information

I investigate social cognitive development in neurotypical individuals and in autism. I focus on using naturalistic behavioral, eye-tracking, and neuroimaging methods in order to capture the complexities of real-world social interaction.


Selected Recent Publications

Warnell, K. R., De La Cerda, C., & Frost, A. (in press). Disentangling relations between attention to the eyes and empathy. Emotion.

Pluymen, P., Pequet, A., Thomas, H., & Warnell, K.R. (2021). Capturing individual differences in social motivation using a novel interactive task. Personality and Individual Differences, 177, 110725.

Pequet, A. & Warnell, K. R. (2021). Thinking of you: Relations between theory of mind, mind-mindedness, and social anxiety traits in middle childhood and adulthood. Social Development, 30, 95-112.

De La Cerda, C. & Warnell, K. R. (2020). Young children’s willingness to deceive shows in-group bias only in specific social contexts. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, 198, 104906.

Warnell, K. R, & Redcay, E. (2019). Minimal coherence among varied theory of mind measures in childhood and adulthood. Cognition, 191, 103997.

Warnell, K. R., Maniscalco, S., Baker, S., Yi, R., & Redcay, E. (2019).  Social and delay discounting in autism spectrum disorder. Autism Research, 12, 870-877. 

Warnell, K. R., Sadikova, E., & Redcay, E. (2018). Let’s chat: Developmental neural bases of social motivation during real-time peer interaction. Developmental Science, 21, e12581.


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