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Featured Alumni

Dr. Lindsay Bira

Dr. Lindsay Bira

Assistant Professor of Psychiatry & Clinical Psychologist

UT Health San Antonio 

Recognized by the university in 2016 as a Distinguished Alumni, Dr. Bira graduated from the Texas State Psychology program in 2008 before going on to complete her Ph.D. in Clinical Health Psychology from the University of Miami and her residency at the Boston Consortium, where she was a fellow for both Harvard Medical School and Boston University School of Medicine.

Dr. Bira currently has an Assistant Professorship at UT Health San Antonio School of Medicine Department of Psychiatry where she works with STRONG STAR, which is the largest research consortium for the treatment and prevention of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder in the world. She is also a clinical psychologist in private practice as well as a speaker and consultant.

Dr. Bira has been featured on local NBC and FOX affiliates, Women's Health Magazine, and on public radio programs. She recently participated in TEDx San Antonio where she gave a talk titled, "The Counterintuitive Life," covering how acting instinctively can reinforce problems and potentially lead to mental health issues.  Evidence-based treatment for many mental health disorders is effective because it is approached in a manner that may initially seem counterintuitive, guiding the patient to do the opposite of what feels right to get better and achieve lasting change.

The Counterintuitive Life - TEDx San Antonio

Dr. Bira can be contacted through her website at, or via email at or