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Learning Community for Cognitive Disabilities

A partnership between the Texas State University Department of Psychology, the Seaton Foundation, and the American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities-Texas Chapter.

The Learning Community is comprised of Texas State students who complete 3 elective courses in Psychology, including an internship, focusing on the theme of long-term care (LTC) and LifeLong Living (LLL) for individuals of all ages with cognitive disabilities. The purpose is to prepare students for a career in LTC specializing in cognitive disabilities through education, training, research, and internship opportunities during their junior and senior year at Texas State University. The experiences may also be helpful for students considering careers as licensed professionals, such as psychologist, counselor, or specialists in school psychology.

By participating fully in the community activities, Texas State students will:

  • Receive priority registration in the 3 Psychology courses that are required for the learning community
  • Complete customized assignments focusing on cognitive disabilities and LTC issues in the 3 Psychology courses that are required for the learning community
  • Conduct research on cognitive disabilities and LTC under faculty supervision
  • Be eligible for travel assistance from the Seaton Foundation and the Psychology Department to present research findings at a professional conference
  • Earn a paid internship opportunity in a LTC setting during their senior year
  • Attain specialized training and designation as a Direct Support Professional
  • Become a life-long advocate for improved quality of LTC for individuals with cognitive disabilities

For additional information, please see the links below or contact the Faculty Advisor, Dr. Ollie Seay, at

More Information

Advisory Board

Texas State Members

Dr. Ollie Seay, Faculty Advisor and Clinical Assistant Professor, Texas State University

Dr. Maria Czyzewska, Professor, Texas State University

Robyn Rogers, Senior Lecturer, Texas State University

Community Partners

David Seaton, President of the Seaton Foundation

Rachel Medina, LiveOak Internship Coordinator

Casey Dickerson, Down Home Ranch Internship Coordinator

Jenna Hudson, Marbridge Internship Coordinator

Diane Darrington, Mentis Neuro Health Internship Coordinator