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PSY 1300 Research Experience

PSY 1300 Research Experience: Participant Guidelines

This information applies to all of the following section of PSY 1300 (Intro Psych):

MWF 8-8:50 Section 251 (CRN 35241): Instructor: Amy Moore Meeks
MWF 9-9:50 Section 252 (CRN 35242): Instructor: Amy Moore Meeks
MWF 10-10:50 Section 253 (CRN 33435): Instructor: Laura L. Adams
MW 11-12:20 Section 254 (CRN 33437): Instructor: Marilyn Gibbons-Arhelger
TR 2-3:20 Section 257 (CRN 33439): Instructor: Natalie Ceballos
TR 3:30-4:50 Section 259 (CRN 36833): Instructor: Marilyn Gibbons-Arhelger

Students enrolled in these sections of PSY 1300  are required to engage in research experience. There are two options for gaining this research experience: one involves participation in experiments whereas the other does not. The two options are described more fully in this handout. DOCX

You must complete four research experience credits by Friday, April 28. To obtain research experience credits by participating in an experiment, please use the handout above to log into

Early Participation Incentive: if you complete an experiment by Wednesday, March 1, you will receive an early participation incentive and your credits for that experiment will be doubled (i.e., 2 credits for 1 credit participation).

Early Incentive Credit Distribution:

Length of Study February 1 - March 1 Early Incentive March 2 - April 28
1 - 30 minutes 2 credits 1 credits
31-60 minutes 4 credits 2 credits
61-90 minutes 6 credits 3 credits
91+ minutes 8 credits 4 credits

Please note that your account will not be set up until February 1, 2017 so you will not be able to log on until that date. Once your account is set up, you will also be able to check your research experience credits on that web site. To obtain research experience credits by submitting journal article summaries, please refer to the handout. DOCX

If you have any questions about the research experience requirement, please consult your instructor or send email to

Frequently Asked Questions about the Research Experience Requirement


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How many research credits do I need to complete?

You must to complete four credits to earn full credit. Credits may be earned through participation in research, submission of a journal article summary, or a combination of both.

Do I have to participate in an experiment?

No. You may satisfy the research experience requirement by summarizing research articles. Please see the handout mentioned above.


I’m under the age of 18. Can I earn credits though participation in an experiment?

No, you must be 18 years or older to participate in research in the Psychology Department at Texas State. Students younger than 18 can earn research experience credits by summarizing research articles.

Can I cancel my appointment for an experiment?

Yes, you may cancel your appointment up to 2 hours prior to the start time at

What happens if I sign up for an experiment, but then I don’t show up?

You can sign up for a maximum of four credits through participation in experiments. If you don’t show up to a scheduled appointment, you will have to earn the credit by submitting an article summary. Remember, you can cancel an appointment up to two hours prior to the start time at

What happens if I show up for an appointment, but the experimenter is not there?

In very rare circumstances, an experimenter may be unable to attend a session due to a serious unforeseen circumstance. If this occurs, send an email to with your name, student ID number, the name, date, and time of experiment you were scheduled to complete. You will receive credit for the experiment pending confirmation of the experimenter absence.

Who should I contact if I have questions?

You can send email to, or call the associate chair of the Psychology department, Dr. Natalie Ceballos, at 512-245-2526.