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Student Spotlights

Congrats to 2017 MAPR Scholarship Receipients

2nd Year Recipient

Marieke Visser with Dr. Kelemen

1st Year Receipient

Niki Hayatbini

Congratulations to 2016 Scholarship and Fellowship winners

Congratulations to 2016 MAPR Scholarship Recipients

2nd Year Student - Chasley Jones

1st Year Students - Eileen Marin Cordivin, Trisha Flournoy, Angela Johnson, Linda-Brook Thompson

Congratulations to 2016 Graduate College Scholarship Recipients

2nd Year Student - Amanda Jones, Chasley Jones, Elia Bueno, Katelyn Stephenson, Samantha White

1st Year Students - Angela Johnson, Fatemeh Fereidooni, Linda-Brooke Thompson, Miguel Capote, Trisha Flournoy

Congratulations to 2016 Merit Fellowship

Maxwell Helfrich

BC     Congrats Briana Cobos and Javier Arteta J Arteta 

                                       on having a paper accepted for publication                                                                                                 with the journal Pain Medicine


  Arteta, J., Cobos, B., Hu, Y., Jordan, K., & Howard, K. (In Press, 2015).  Evaluation on how depression                             and anxiety mediate the relationship between pain catastrophizing and prescription opioid                             misuse in chronic pain populations.  Pain Medicine

                                     2015-2016 Graduate Fellowships

                                                           Katelyn Stephenson


                                                             Samantha White

                     MA in Psychological Research Scholarships

                          First Year                           Second Year

                           Katelyn Stephenson                         Frank DePalma

                                                                                       Morgan Kelly

                                                                                       Stephen Ramos

                                                                                       Bryant Reininger

                                                                                       Candice Stanfield


Scholarship dollar green                   2015 - 2016

               Graduate College

        Scholarship Recipients in

          Psychological Research

                           Morgan Kelly

                           Katelyn Stephenson

                           Brittany Hill

                           Bryant Reininger

                           Francesco DePalma

                           Candice Stanfield

                           Elia Bueno

                           Stephen Ramos



Scholarship banner      Graduate College Scholarship

Recipients in Psychological Research

    2014-1015                          2015-2016

Javier Arteta Garcia                  Morgan Kelly                          

Michael Bell                               Katelyn Stephenson

Angelica Carballo                     Brittany Hill

Briana Cobos                            Bryant Reininger

Natalie DeLeon                         Francesco DePalma

Haley Harris                              Candice Stanfield

Velia Hernandez                        Elia Bueno

Adrienne Koller                        Stephen Ramos

Matthew Light                           

Rachel Price

Christopher Prickett                Celebrity Classic Scholarship

Shannon Wilder                        Katelyn Stephenson 



Haleigh Winfrey

& Dr. Ogletree


Presented at the


Southwestern Psychological

Association Convention


April 2015

Natalie Th DefThesis Defense for

Natalie DeLeon


Assessing Nonmedical Use of Prescription Stimulants Using an iPhone Application


Thesis Committee:  Dr. Schepis, Dr. Graham, Dr. Haskard-Zolnierek


Briana Th DefThesis Defense for

Briana Cobos


The Relationship between Psychological Disorders and Medication Adherence in College Students


Thesis Committee:  Dr. Haskard-Zolnierek, Dr. Howard, & Dr. Oliver

Spring 2015




Javier Th DefThesis Defense for

Javier Arteta-Garcia


The Dark Tetrad of Personality, Social Dominance Orientation and their Relationship in Hazing Behaviors of College Students


Thesis Committee:  Dr. Davis, Dr. Osborne, Dr. Etherton


            Spring 2015



Adrienne Koller

A Koller

Congrats to Adrienne Koller for a successful roundtable presentation at the American Society for Criminology in San Francisco. Way to disseminate everybody!

Joe Bassili presents at the Annual Meeting of the Psychonomic Society

Joe B - Long Beach

Joe Bassili presents at the Annual Meeting of the Psychonomic Society in Long Beach, California on November 21, 2014. 

"How do Time of Day and Activity Levels Influence Memory and Metacognitive Accuracy"  – Joseph J. Bassili and William L. Kelemen, Ph.D.

Andrew Santana at TPA Convention in Dallas

Andrew Santana

Memory and Metacognitive Accuracy Following Moderate and Heavy Bouts of Aerobic Exercise - Andrew Santana & William Kelemen, Ph.D.

Chris Prickett at TPA Convention in Dallas

Chris Prickett

Assessing Social Interactions in a Summer Day Camp for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder - Chris Prickett, Ting Liu, Ph.D. & Reiko Graham, Ph.D.

Javier Arteta received the "Best Poster" Award

Javier Best Poster

Javier Arteta (2nd year MA student) and his mentor, Dr. Krista Howard, who received the “Best Poster” award at the Fall 2014 International Organization of Social Sciences and Behavioral Research conference. The study is titled: "Evaluation of how Depression and Anxiety Mediate the Relationship between Pain Catastrophizing and Opioid Misuse in a Chronic Pain Population."  Javier completed the internship at RestoreFX last summer and utilized their patient data for this project.  His paper has been submitted for publication to Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine.

Candice Stanfield won "Best Paper" Award

Candice and Andrew

Candice Stanfield and Andrew Duong presented at the IOSSBR Conference on Nov. 3, 2014 in San Antonio, TX

Candice Stanfield co-presented "The Inexplicable Sex Differences in Homeonegativity: A Proposed New Paradigm of Implicit Cognitive Systems"  & Andrew Duong presented " An Ethological Analysis of Dog-Owner Play Behaviors at a Free-Roam Dog Park"  at International Organization of Social Science and Behavioral Research on November 3, 2014 in San Antonio, TX

Haleigh Winfrey Presents

Haleigh Winfrey

Presenting at International Research Conference for Graduate Students on Nov 5th at Texas State University. 

Presentation:  Psychology's Growth:  United States vs. German, Brazil, and China